How long for points to appear after I make a purchase?

Updated 2 months ago by Louis Schena

Points collected with MasterCard will show instantly in most cases, while VISA may take up to 72 hours. We are working to reduce this time. πŸš€

If you are interested, here is how it all works under the hood.

There are two processes when it comes to payment: Authorisation and Clearing.

1. Authorisation transactions occur as soon as a customer makes a purchase. Authorisation transactions generally take between 0.01 seconds and 2 minutes to appear on the Swipii app, although for a newly enrolled card it can take up to 24 hours for these transactions to appear. Currently Authorisation transactions are only supported by MasterCard.

2. Clearing transactions are fully settled transactions. Clearing transactions take much longer to go through and this is the only type of transaction currently supported by VISA. This is why Swipii users often find their VISA transactions take longer to show in the app, up to 72 hours later in some cases. While VISA do not support point collection on Authorisation transactions yet, we are pushing them to add support! πŸ‘ŠπŸΌ

In addition to these kinds of transaction, some businesses will batch their transactions up over the course of a day before sending them to the card schemes (MasterCard and VISA). This means that in some rare instances the time for the transaction to complete is extended by up to 24 hours.

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